What Can The City of Baltimore Offer You?

A city from Maryland with a blue collar heritage combined with an urban-professional aura that is newly developing, this makes Baltimore a unique city from the rest of Maryland. The city features a combination of upscale modern museums and architecture to catch your interest. But, these structures are not the only ones that will keep you wanting to come back to Baltimore. Its eclectic neighborhoods would be the one to make you want to see more and spend more in the place. So, forget about the less than savory reputation and pack yourself a pair of walking shoes to learn more about the place. Description The city is a famous tourist destination in the state. Aside from modern museums and architecture, it is also the place where the known Francis Scott Key has wrote Star Spangled Banner’s lyrics. Now, Baltimore is already among the leading travel and tourism options. It is a city where travelers can never get bored with its continuous nightlife, nice climate and lots of hospitality to show travelers. Get to the city anytime of the year!

Things to do

Baltimore is a city largely populated by African American, giving travelers plenty of opportunities to feel the place’s own history. One of the best destinations to go to and feel this African-American history is the Great Blacks in Wax Museum. It showcases this history in the form of art. There is Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Black History as well. Travelers can enjoy plenty of activities while staying here and the festivals are just the start of it. An example of this is the Maryland Film Festival, which is celebrated for five days in May. People who love food can dine in lots of dining places in the city. But, visiting would not be complete until tourists have a taste of the local’s favorite, which is steamed crab. Enjoy this dish with the family during the afternoon to experience a common feast celebrated with pleasure by the residents. But, there are other crab delicacies tourists can enjoy apart from the steamed ones, including vegetable crab soup, crab cake and crab bisque. Drinking establishments and bars are spread in the city as well. But, there are two of these that tourists should never forget to go and spend time in – Powerplant Live! and Fells Point. Canton Square, Hampden, Federal Hill and Mt. Vernon are other drinking establishments to choose from. For those who want to experience how is it in past drinking establishments, try going to Patrick’s from the Pratt Street.


Baltimore-Washington International Airport is about a few miles from the city. It can only be accessed by light rail or car. Shuttles can be found nearby the airport, which connects to Amtrak train station. Flights are going to and from any major airport present in the country. A unique feature one can find here is its offered car rental system, which takes people to and from there.

The Best Time to Visit

June to August is the best time to go to the city. But, it is advised to do the booking as early as possible. This period is when a range of activities and events are being held, making it a peak season. The weather during this time can get so hot. So, for those who do not prefer to experience this temperature, spring and fall are the ideal seasons to spend a trip here.

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