What Can The City of Honolulu Offer You?

Honolulu is a vibrant city of Hawaii. The city boasts treasure monuments, historic monuments, flourishing arts and culture scene, and work class shopping districts.

Things to do

Visit Pearl Harbor Located in Western Honolulu, Pearl Harbor was well-remembered in history when Japanese forces have killed thousands of personnel that have brought up the World War II. Now, Pearl Harbor is still a navy base. The site offers several memorials that honor the fallen of December 7 1041 attack and the rest that have fallen during the war. You can see the USS Arizona Memorial at the centerpiece of the place, built over the sunken USS Arizona battleship. Honolulu Museums Honolulu boasts museums, but the most popular and biggest museum is the Bishop Museum located in Western side of the city. The museum houses a large collection of historical and cultural artifacts. The largest part of the museum is dedicated to history of Hawaii, but there is a growing number of modern exhibits such as the planetarium, the area of volcanology, and the natural history hall. Hit the Beach The most popular beach in Hawaii is Kailua. This is a world-renowned stretch of white sand beach in Oahu’s windward side. There are several small islands that are inviting and perfect location for kayaking. The waves at the beach are forgiving and gentle and there are several convenience stores that are a stone throw away from the beach. Explore Chinatown Over the years, China Town on Honolulu has been transformed as the city’s center of art scene. The vibrant neighborhood that extends to downtown Honolulu is the place to go to find restaurants, art galleries, trendy boutiques, hip bars, as well as the historic Hawaii Theater. Every first Friday of each month, there is a block party of sorts, where restaurants and art galleries stay open late in the evening and the bars feature live music. Outdoor Recreation The year round tropical weather of Hawaii provides perfect weather for tourists. You can explore the Ala Moana Beach Park and Kapiolani Park on foot. These are the places where the runners and joggers in the city congregate. The streets and bike paths around Honolulu are perfect way to see the entire city and stay in shape at the same time. You can rent bikes from a number of bike shops around the city.


The main aviation gateway in the Hawaiian Islands is Honolulu International Airport. The airport’s main terminal is served by major American airlines from U.S. as well as other international airlines from other countries from the Pacific Rim. Hawaiian Airlines is located in the airport’s inter-island terminal.

The Best Time to Visit

The best times to visit Honolulu are the months of September through November. During these months, the temperature, airline prices, and hotel rates are all mild. The temperature in Honolulu does not climb below 80s during winter. If you prefer to visit Honolulu despite the humidity, the best times to visit the city are the months from May through August.

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