One of Asia’s most popular destinations for business and leisure travelers alike, Japan is a country that consists of a series of islands in the Pacific Ocean, located off of the northern coast of east Asia. While Tokyo, Japan’s capital and one of the world’s largest cities, attracts people working in the technology and financial sectors, other parts of the country also have much to offer.

An active volcano, Mount Fuji is Japan’s tallest peak at more than 3,000 feet. It is considered to be one of the country’s three sacred mountains. Mount Fuji is popular with hikers and is often depicted in Japanese art. The main residence of Japan’s emperor, Tokyo’s Imperial Palace and Museum is another popular spot for visitors. The 115-acre Tokyo Disneyland Park and Resort, in Urayasu, is a popular destination for families.

Japan’s official language is Japanese, but many people in Japan also speak English, especially those involved in international business and the tourism industry.

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