What Can The City of Las Vegas Offer You?

Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world. Wherever you lay your eyes on, some activities that suit your preference can be found. The city may be known to have the most luxurious hotel casinos in the world, but these are not the only things tourists can explore and experience here. It shows many landmarks present in other cities as well. The place is where different feelings can be evoked from you. Romance, mystery and its exotic environment are just some of the themes the city is known for, so be ready to experience all of these only in Las Vegas! Description Las Vegas is considered as the latest to arrive or be established in all the other cities in the Western part of the United States. It was only founded in the 1900s and it stayed as a simple settlement for several years. But, changes were brought about after the occurrence of several events. One of these events is the construction of the Hoover Dam, which is now referred to as the Boulder City. Gambling activities were legalized in 1931, making this the dam workers’ entertainment center. And in just 10 years, the city has surpassed the gambling capital of the world, Reno, Nevada. Soon, the El Rancho Vegas resort was established and opened, which later on became famous as the Las Vegas Strip. Everything that tourists can see here is part of the beginnings of the city leading to its development over the years.

Things to do

Unlike the impression that stuck to people’s mind, the city not only offers gambling as an activity to be enjoyed here. It offers many more excellent destinations where both adults and children can enjoy, with the Aquarium at the Mirage as an example. There is the Adventuredomes at Circus Circus, which is the largest indoor theme park in America. It offers 25 different rides that residents and visitors can try. For people looking for a thrilling adventure, there is the Indoor skydiving offered at Vegas Indoor Skydiving where riders can experience being flown in a vertical tunnel. Las Vegas has brought some of the famous activities from other countries just to let visitors experience an almost real-feel of it. One of this is riding a Gondola along with visiting St. Mark’s Square. For nature enthusiasts, there is the Red Rock Canyon to have a glimpse or climb over for those who are interested. And of course, there are the endless gambling opportunities laid just for you.


McCarran International Airport is the major means to reach Las Vegas. It is serving several international and domestic air carriers. For alternative means in getting to the city, visitors can book for a plane ticket going to the Henderson Executive Airport. It is also the corporate option for aviation in the city.

The Best Time to Visit

March through May and September through November are the best periods to visit, enjoy and make new memories in the city. But, for those who cannot set date in these months, it is still fine since nice travel deals going here are available throughout the year. It is recommended not to set a vacation trip in the months from December to February since it is when plenty of tourists are also going.

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