What Can The City of Minneapolis Offer You?

Minneapolis has a feeling of air that can be only understood by the emotions that originate from the strong affinity with culture and arts that have been the historic legacy of the city.

Things to do

The Lake Street/Midtown has plenty to offer to visitors, especially during summer and spring. There is an outdoor market wherein you can find lots of locally made foods and goodies. Visit the Twin Cities of fun. Each year, over 18 million visitors find their way to the Twin Cities of Fun, Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Popularly known for its Mississippi River ports and flour mills, the area touts outdoor fun as much as cuisine and culture. Visit Twin Cities and enjoy shopping at Grand Avenue in Saint Paul and explore the Minnehaha Falls Park located halfway between two downtowns. Visit the Walker Art Center. Established in 1927, it is the first public art gallery located in the upper Midwest of the city. The art center houses world class contemporary art exhibits. Located near the art center is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the largest sculpture park to be found in the country. Minneapolis has impressive parades all year round. The Holidazzle Parade is a nighttime parade presented in downtown Minneapolis for a number of times a week between the celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The best thing about this parade is that participants can wear costumes including Wizard of OZ, Peter Pan, nursery rhymes, zoo animals, Santa Claus, walking light bulbs, and more. Explore the chain of lakes in Minneapolis running from north to south [in the western downtown. You can walk, drive, bike, paddle and swim. Some lakes are connected by creeks and lagoons and eventually spill in the Mississippi River as well as the Minnehaha Falls. Each chain of lakes in Minneapolis has a walking path and a one way skating/biking path. These give tourist alternative paths to use when exploring the place.


Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport is the primary airport in the city. Divided into 2 terminals; Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, you need to check you flight in order to ensure at which terminal you will arrive. The airport is serviced by the Blue Line light rail that transports visitors to the heart of Minneapolis. You can also reach downtown Minneapolis by riding a cab that services the airport.

The Best Time to Visit

The best times to visit Minneapolis are during the months of June through August. The temperature flutters up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors as well as locals venture into lakes and outdoor activities. Summer is the peak of tourism season in Minneapolis and festivals are almost everywhere. Farmer markets also booms during summer. If you’re about to visit the city during winter, the city is very chilly. The temperature around the city rarely goes beyond freezing, but majority of outdoor activities are cancelled. The months from November through April mark snowfall. During these months, hotels in Minneapolis are abundant, and there are still lots of things to see.

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