What Can The City of Nashville Offer You?

In a tourist’s perspective, United States is a country with a wide space filled of so many things to discover and see. If you are planning to tour around the country and you cannot pick a place to visit, consider Nashville as an option. It is famous for being the home of the Grand Ole Opry, which is a part of Opryland USA, a theme park. Unfortunately, the theme park closed because of lessening attendance, was torn down and eventually replaced with a shopping mall. Grand Ole Opry is a part of the place’s history which can never be erased in the minds of the residents. But, there are more to learn about this place. Description Nashville is a city in the David County and the capital of Tennessee. The city is often referred to as the Country Music Capital of the World and Music City, USA. But, in the past years, the city made the effort to escape its image for being known for its country music and establish a new one. Now, it is starting to be known as the regional center of commerce and culture. As a proof of this, some well-known companies like Nissan and Dell moved some of its operation either near or to the city. Even with the changes, travelers are assured that they can still see and do things that the city became known for.

Things to do

Museums and Other Attractions – Nashville is a place perfect for travel destinations because of the many interesting things it has. Apart being known as a center for commerce, it is also famous as a historic town featuring plenty of attractions and museums. Examples of these attractions and museums are the Halistar Aviation, Tennessee State Museum and the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. Parks and Recreation – Travelers can find 113 park properties in Nashville along with 7 municipal golf courses. The good thing about these destinations is that it gives something worthwhile to do for all, both active and passive recreation. Shopping – The city is sprinkled with many local shops where tourist souvenirs like cowboy items can be found. Travelers will have fun in these shops since many of it is providing buy 1 get 2 free offers. Restaurant and Bar Hopping – The restaurants in the city are in all types, budget, mid-range and splurge. Whatever you feel like dining at the moment, there is a perfect place where you can go. After dining, there is the selection of cafes, bars and clubs where you can relax and enjoy the night.


Nashville features several regional airports, but the main one is Nashville International Airport. It is only 5 miles from the downtown area. For travelers looking for an inexpensive means of traveling from and to the city, consider riding the Nashville MTA’s Route 18 Airport/Elm Hill bus.

The Best Time to Visit

For travelers planning to go to Nashville, it is best to set the travel time between April and October. It is the time when the place has a warm weather, the perfect time to explore what the city has to offer. November through March is the perfect time for those who want to go to the city, but do not want to spend too much on plane fare and accommodation. Both of these are offered on lower prices during these months.

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