What Can The City of Portland Offer You?

Portland is noted for its great outdoors, scenic beauty and environment. It features several microbreweries and of course, a history that made the city unique. Going to the city provides multiple destinations to go and visit including a list of trails, plants, wildlife, shopping and dining areas and many more where tourists can have fun. The view of the city in each season gives an appeal that tourists will appreciate. Description The City of Roses is what Portland is often called. It is Oregon’s largest city and also the 3rd largest city in the Pacific Northwest. Comparing its environment between its 2 neighboring places, Seattle and San Francisco, it does not have that aspect in a fast-paced style. Instead, the city gives that more laid-back feeling whenever stepping in and seeing the city. It is designed with enough shares of amenities like music and arts scene and largest collections of independent publishers within any city in United States.

Things to do

Portland is offering a long list of activities and destinations. One of the best things to do here is going for a cycling period. It is possible for vacationers to go biking in the streets of Portland since it has many of these where it can be done in safety. Like other cities in the United States, the City of Roses features a long list of museums and parks and gardens. One example of the museum the present here is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry that is ideal to be visit by those visitors with kids with them. For the garden destinations, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is a nice place to enjoy nice and friendly sceneries. A magnificent display of vibrant colors and varieties of scenes that can never be seen in any other places is what people can enjoy here. Festivals are other events that visitors can be part of while staying in the city. People planning to take their vacation here on June should grab the opportunity to celebrate with the Portland Rose Festival.


Portland International Airport is just 9 miles from the northeast part of the downtown area. Aside from serving as the airport, it is used as an air force base. The good thing about the airport is that it offers free Wi-Fi allowing visitors to have some time to surf the web while waiting for their flight. Taxi services can be found in the airport, which can travel from PIA to the downtown area. Visitors can reach the downtown through car as well.

The Best Time to Visit

June through August is the best period to plan a trip to the city. It is when the weather is warm here, allowing visitors to have all day exploring and seeing the beauty of Portland. Unfortunately, this period is the peak season also. It means that those who are planning to visit Portland need to book as early as they can or weeks before the decided date to get the best rates for accommodation. But, it is best to plan for a winter if you want to take advantage of good deals in hotels.

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