Why should I book my first class or business class airfare with YourBusinessFlights?
We offer first class and business class airfare on all major airlines for significantly less than what the airlines themselves charge. Our friendly travel experts are trained to find you the best business class airfares — and they’re always available to answer questions before, during and after your travel.
Can I book my flight online?
Yes. After your travel consultant finds the perfect flight for you, you will be sent an interactive link, valid for 24 hours, that you can use to book online.
What if I need to change or cancel my ticket?
You can change or cancel almost any booking made with YourBusinessFlights. We do not charge additional fees for this service but airline charges may apply. To change or cancel a ticket, call or email one of our travel consultants.
How do you get such low prices?
YourBusinessFlights has exclusive contracts with airlines, allowing us to offer discount fares not available to the public. Our staff can also customise flights to ensure the lowest possible fares.
Can I earn airline miles when I buy discount airfare from YourBusinessFlights?
Most flights sold by YourBusinessFlights are eligible for mileage accrual. Occasionally, highly discounted fares might be ineligible. When this is the case your travel consultant will notify you.
How do I book discount first class and business class airfare?
Send us your travel and contact details using our Instant Quote System, and one of our travel consultants will reach out to you with the lowest possible fares.
How are my tickets guaranteed?
Business class and first class tickets sold by YourBusinessFlights carry the same “conditions of carriage” as all airlines tickets. When you purchase your tickets using a credit card, you will also benefit from any travel protection offered by your credit card company. Note that some airline credit cards do not offer protection against illness, acts of God, family emergencies, war, weather or missed flights. We strongly advise all customers to invest in quality travel insurance.
What happens if the airline cancels the flight or if there is a delay?
The airline will rebook your ticket on the next available flight. YourBusinessFlights will handle the entire rebooking process for you, so you won’t need to wait in long lines or on the phone. Call us as soon as you know about your cancellation or delay and we will get you taken care of within minutes.
Are you licensed and insured?
Yes. We are fully insured and licensed. We are an accredited agency with the Airlines Reporting Corporation and the American Society of Travel Agents.
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